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An early anniversary gift from my darling (we are celebrating our 10th anniversary soon!)

Lanvin patent-leather ballet flats in nude

The new cushioned innner sole makes them super comfy, the best ever!


Baby's first swim!

Posted on 2013.09.10 at 15:09
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Right after Berlin we were too reluctant to get back to everyday life. We just needed a few days off reality so we ended up in Sounio!
As it is already September the place was quiet, the sea was warm and we had a much needed rest :)


4 month birthday at Berlin!

Posted on 2013.09.10 at 14:00
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We celebrated our baby's 4th month birthday at Berlin, a wonderful summer vacation!

He had the best time, he is super sociable and adores attention, naturally he was a magnet for the ladies everywhere we went and this will be one of the most memorable trips ever!

Here are a few pics of baby and I having fun!

At cup cake Café Grün-Ohr, Rosenthaler Straße 32

At Monsieur Vuong, Alte Schönhauser Str. 46

At ChénChè Teehaus,  Rosenthaler Str. 13

I have a million pics I 'd love to share, but it's impossible to upload and post, however much I 'd love too. So please enjoy my 3 faves! <3


Movie Monday: Drive

Posted on 2013.09.02 at 11:29
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Drive is one of my favorite films of all time!

the direction by Nicolas Winding Refn, Ryan Gosling, the soundtrack be Cliff Martinez, the story... Everything is perfect in my humble opinion.

A stunt driver with a dark side falls in love with his neighbor, a young mother married to a convict. Twist of fate has Driver facing a crime syndicate, and he hits back.

Also don't miss the new film by Nicolas Winding Refn again staring Ryan Gosling, Only God Forgives


Baby's second month @ Santorini!

Posted on 2013.08.05 at 10:22
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We celebrated Baby's second month birthday @ Santorini!

Rolling on the bed!

Enjoying a beautiful sunset with mommy!

Having fun soaking the sun and beautiful views is tiring, let baby take a little nap!

Mommy takes a swim at Perissa beach and baby is lounging under the umbrella

Going out for dinner

Baby is a little sleepy!

Goodnight mommy!


Baby's first month!

Posted on 2013.06.20 at 13:46
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A few pics from my bambino's first month celebration!

The cake, it says Welcome!

Mama and baby


Mother's day

Posted on 2013.05.29 at 14:08
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This year's mother's day was such a special one for me! For the first time I was the one celebrating and receiving a present...

The flowers:

beautiful white orchids

And the bling:

A lovely diamond solitaire on WG, I'm totally in love with the little heart detail!


Movie Monday: Silver Linings Playbook

Posted on 2013.05.28 at 19:27
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I'm a huge movie buff and I've decided to recommend one good movie to watch every week, as I watch virtually EVERYTHING released out there lol!
My recommendation for this week is Silver Linings Playbook

With stars like Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, and Chris Tucker it is an obvious choice, but the film is really a big surprise. I loved the cameras/photography and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in this role. A very touching film about life, love, and family. A very realistic performance from all actors, this is worth spending the entire 120 min on your couch to watch! Very enjoyable.


The Nursery

Posted on 2013.05.22 at 13:55
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Although it is still a work in progress that will grow with little bambino here is our nursery (with baby sleeping in his crib lol)

With the exception of a few plush toy gifts we got (above pic) most of the toys I chose for the baby are made by natural materials and I got them from various sellers on Etsy:

My favorites are from Koukku and LaFiabaRussa

Those 2 are store bought but also favorites!

Best selling Sophie the giraffe and a doudou by Keptin-Jr

What's more I also have a "mini" nursery in my bedroom as we co sleep at nights
This is the cradle I use

The bedding with Snoopy is gorgeous, but the weather is too hot to use it. Maybe in autumn...

Another nursery item we love is this cute bouncy chair

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Bambino is here!!!

Posted on 2013.05.10 at 13:00
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Our little baby was born on April 25th, at 1pm, weighing 3,700 grams and 53cm long, with an induction but naturally delivered without pain relief.
We are beyond excited to finally being able to hug and kiss and take care of our little one!

A few memorable pics...
Here is my belly on the day I was induced:

From all the bellies I've seen I had the biggest!

here is my little one:

And here is one of both cuddling!

A little tired, but sooo worth it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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